My Approach - Vicki Wilkinson Photography

My story

I have been photographing weddings for years and I still love it! I started out doing portrait shoots and events, then friends weddings, then took the plunge and started getting private clients and it grew quickly from there. I have worked with some amazing photographers who showed me the ropes in the early years, and who I now partner with on a variety of creative projects. 

Why weddings?

I really got into weddings because Ive always enjoyed capturing personalities and emotion, and documenting stories through imagery. Weddings are so emotional! It's what makes the day, and helps create brilliant photographs time and again.

Working together

I always try to photograph your day in a personal way, capturing both the big characters and the tiny details. Every client and wedding is unique, and its up to me to tell that story in a candid, honest and open way...with a dash of humour thrown in. I don't think an album is complete unless its full of emotion, and that means both tears and laughter!

My approach is relaxed but professional and fairly un-prescriptive; I prefer to let the day unfold naturally rather than getting involved and directing people. I tend to favour natural lighting, and love to photograph outside and on-the-go, in either urban, rustic or rural locations. I have shot chic, modern, vintage and festival inspired weddings in the past, and I don't really have a preference for style, but what I do enjoy is working with clients who are open-minded. 

Events & workshops

Whether your day is a family party, corporate event, or creative workshop, I take the same relaxed approach to capturing the look and atmosphere as I do with weddings. For me, it's all about the fun and personalities!

If you would like to see some examples of recent work, do get in touch; I would be happy to share.

Lifestyle & portrait shoots 

As with weddings, my main goal is to help you relax and have fun in front of the camera. A lifestyle shoot is designed to capture just that; your lifestyle and personality when you are relaxed. A shoot could take place on a Sunday morning whilst you're walking your dogs, or enjoying family time at the beach or simply at your home; whatever works best for you. I'm really happy to be flexible. 

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