Rammya & Nebu - Vicki Wilkinson Photography

Rammya & Nebu

Rammya & Nebu had a very glamorous, stylish and incredibly lively wedding! It was a Christian ceremony combined with a Hindu reception; a brilliant mix of the two cultures. I dont think ive ever seen as many smiling happy guests; everyone was very keen to make the most of the day and enjoy themselves. The service took place at an ornate and uncharacteristically bright church before we headed off to Syon Park for the reception. As the church was fairly bright, I was able to get some lovely clear photos of the service & guests, especially the children, who are always a joy to photograph. Outside the church after the service was chaotic to say the least; everyone super excited to kiss and congratulate the bride and groom, people were falling over each other to get to them! This sort of excitement generally works with my documentary style and I enjoyed taking some amusing candids. Rammya & Nebu, having now completed the challenging part, were completely relaxed afterwards, at home in the maelstrom of smiles and faces (both doctors, you could see the professional calm kicking in). The reception at Syon Park was a delight. Opulent (with exquisite canapes), the reception was large and glamorous, but their relaxed personalities shone throughout. The food was traditional Indian cuisine, the speeches emotional and the games comical. The dance floor was something else! As you can see from the photo’s the guests really know how to enjoy themselves. All in all, a lively and exciting wedding to shoot. For more info on Syon Park visit: Syon Park Hilton

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