Radhika & Chris - Vicki Wilkinson Photography

Radhika & Chris

Radhika & Chris has a two day ceremony, the first Hindu, the second Christian, both in Oxford where they went to university. The Hindu ceremony was a lavish colourful and lively affair which started out with a traditional parade through the streets of Oxford, accompanied by drummers. The public loved it! Chris was in his element dancing and encouraging his large crowd of followers made up of family and friends. The service was held in Oxford Town Hall, a gorgeous building with a lovely ornate ceiling. The grand room in which the Mandap was set was fairly dark and challenging to shoot in, so we asked if we could open the curtains to let the light in. I’m glad we did as one of my favourite shots of the day is of the guests mingling before the service with bright sunlight streaming through the windows. The second day, the Christian ceremony, was also gorgeous and held in one of Oxford Universities colleges. The beautiful landscaped gardens and traditional oak dining room provided a lovely backdrop for the drinks reception and wedding breakfast. As the sun began to set shortly after dinner, Chris and Radhika, along with their friends, fancied a spot of air (& croquet), so we went across to the lawn to take some final photos just before nightfall.

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