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Jessica & Aff

Jessica & Aff had an upmarket wedding at Woodlands Park Hotel. Jessica is incredibly photogenic and looked amazing in her dress and I think (hope!) this is captured in the photos. The bridal preparations were in a lovely large room, which was important as Jessica had a lot of bridesmaids, who all looked lovely in striking purple. I managed to get some shots of Jessica and her dad preparing, I particularly like the image of him straightening her veil; an intimate moment. The ceremony was held in a fairly small room which was quite dark, but thankfully light spilled in through the windows to create a lovely bit of backlight for the couple. After the ceremony it was to the garden for canapes and confetti. I have to say, this confetti shot is probably one of my favourites this season. Jessica looks so happy and the candid nature of the shot is exciting; it looks like everyone is really having fun, which they were. The sun managed to stay high in the sky so I grabbed Jessica & Aff for a couple of quick shots under the trees, again using the sun to backlight and create some natural flare in-camera. I am not a fan of overly editing images, so getting it right in camera is important. Jess looks absolutely stunning in some of these photos (and I have hardly edited them), hence including a lot of them here! All in all, a fabulous fun and sun filled day. For more info on Woodlands Park visit: Woodlands Park

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