Emily & Ros - Vicki Wilkinson Photography

Emily & Ros

Emily & Ros chose Hampton Court House for their big day. It's a beautiful 18th-century house right next to Hampton Court Palace in Richmond. From the outset Emily and Ros had been pretty laid back about their photography, requesting documentary style above all else. They were very keen to capture the character of their guests and wanted me to catch people laughing more than posing. This was music to my ears. Thankfully, the guests were all up for enjoying themselves and threw themselves into it wholeheartedly. The actual ceremony was simple, elegant and personalised, suiting the couple perfectly. Having a relatively short ceremony left lots of time for guests to mingle and enjoy canapes, and for me to spend a little bit of time with Emily & Ros taking some intimate shots elsewhere in the house. Some of my favourite shots are of them on the staircase. The dinner was a lively affair with amusing & emotional speeches; friends and family having travelled from all over the globe to be with them. The after-dinner cabaret came in the form of Bourgeois & Maurice who were absolutely hilarious and really got the crowd warmed up for the dance floor. Once the DJ kicked off, the guests didn't disappoint and as with earlier in the day - completely threw themselves into it! I also had a great time! For more information on the venue or suppliers visit: Hampton Court House. Bourgeois & Maurice. Sound by Intryst. Food by Acclaim Food.

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