Arty & Julian - Vicki Wilkinson Photography

Arty & Julian

Arty & Julian had a traditional Hindu wedding at Cain Manor. The ceremony was ritualistic and precise and I had to ensure I captured all of the details. The colours were vibrant and bold - most of the women were in traditional Hindu dress which is fantastic to photograph. I have tried not to edit the photos drastically as I think its best to see the colours as they really were. Cain Manor is gorgeous but its quite a dark venue, so I had to shoot with a very wide aperture in low light. Luckily the ceremony was in their brightest room! Arty was constantly laughing throughout the day, she really enjoyed herself and there were little touches of humour along the way (note the gorilla slippers which were given to Julian to keep his feet warm while the ladies followed the tradition of hiding the grooms shoes). All in all, it was a fantastic opportunity to photograph a Hindu wedding. For more information on Cain visit Cain Manor

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